Bez kategoriiDevire is not only a recruitment company anymore!

We made 2 key changes to the job posting and its efficiency went 5 times up.

– We were surprised.

We only spent 50% of the media budget, while in client’s recruitment system we noticed 7500th application sent. The total number of applications exceeded the target 3 times.

– We couldn’t believe our eyes.

We have recruited 250 poeple withing 4 months.

– At first we thought it was a coincidence. You know, everybody’s speaking about the ‘Candidate’s market’.


Digital + Employer Branding = a tuned duo? There is one condition.

Each new project convinced us that this ‘coincidence’ can be defined by a combination of 2 words: INSIGHT + DIGITAL. Thanks to a good strategy we were able to substantially exceed average conversion rates for given communication channels. The base here is and always was the knowledge of the target group, to which, as a recruiting agency we have very good access – says Mateusz Wójtowicz, Managing Partner at

Specialized Recruitment Teams, 35,700 meetings with Candidates only in 2018 – that is a huge amount of data. This data, when properly analyzed, can be the key to finding the mythical ‘insight’. The insight, in turn, creates the WOW effect in any campaign or action, lifts the communication to the highest level and enables for achieving great results.


Another step in the journey. Destination = Specialized Recruitment Leader in Europe.

Today is the day when Devire company made another step in its journey to become Europe’s leading Specialied Recruitment company. With the use of Candidate and Market Intelligence and bearing in mind the importance of digital in communicating with young generations, who will make almost 59% of the entire world’s workforce by 2020, Devire is investing in developing Employer Branding competences 100% based in digital channels. Therefore, not only ‘treatment’ as filling up vacancies, but also ‘prevention’ – a term often associated with Employer Branding – becomes the area of expertise for our company.


Two worlds of recruitment and marketing come together at

This direction may actually work., as this is the name of Devire’s new department, is backed up by competences from the field of digital marketing. employs digital to recruitment and building employees’ engagement, under the eye of Adnext Group – a chain of companies specialized in digital activities. The group is in close connection with Devire. Gamfi – gamification leader in Poland, DDOB – community platform for influencers which gathers over 20,000 young opinion makers, Optimise – international affiliate network and performance marketing agency are some of the bodies which provide knowledge and experience for the needs of HR.

Two worlds – recruitment and marketing meets at w, led by Mateusz Wójtowicz, Managing Partner. Devire.Digital is an accelerator of out-of-the-box solutions to asnwer various nowadays problems of companies on the job market.

We position ourselves as a strategic-analytic employer branding agency with its heart in digital. Each employer branding strategy is created based on data we have immediate access to. We all know the role digital channels play in today’s dialogue with the Candidate. We want to know everything about digital, so that we can inspire our clients, be bold enought to test, discover, set directions and share knowledge. For our clients, we want to be partners at every stage of creating a chosen employer brand – from being the source of knowledge, insight catalyst, to creating a strategy and its later implementation.


Mateusz Wójtowicz

Mateusz Wójtowicz