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We are filling the coffee machine up with fresh coffee seeds. We have a meeting, haven’t we? We can’t wait till developing the most effective strategy of reinforcing recruitment processes with the use of digital channels.

Every process within performance marketing actions starts with detailed analyses and research, based on which we design the Candidate Journey. On this foundation we create a strategy and then choose media and partners (publishers, influencers, portals) who are invited to the project focused on acquiring leads (particular CVs), or generating other desired actions within the target group.

We avoid complicated ‘newspeech’. Given access to knowledge gathered by 140 consultants working for devire recruitment agency, we are capable of equipping you with valuable conclusions on the candidate market. We are you guide in the comprehensive world of digital. We focus on measureable results. During the project we become an integral part of Your Team and create input which saves huge amounts of time on your end.

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Based on gathered data we design the Candidate Journey. We can then determine brand touchpoints. This way we can precisely determine when and how a candidate can receive relevant information on your brand.



Coming up with creations that match applications funnel. We create recruitment website designs, effective job posting templates, sets of banners for particular campaigns (for Facebook, Google Display Netowrk, remarketing, etc.)



In order to achieve goals of a campaign we make use of integrated channels of reach – owned (blogs, social media profiles, client’s websites) as well as earned and paid media. We focus solely on measurable effects.



We will prepare an effective communication strategy for your Employer Brand in social media, we will develop creative communication, come up with engaging content, take care of your community and create and effective ad campaign.



We have to admit, that we don’t actually know everything from the very beginning. However, we are always keen to test, draw conclusions and implement changes into the campaigns we run. And you are informed on all actions immediately as we assist you throughout the entire process. We raise the alarm if something’s not right, we discuss, we look for solutions, we discover and break the boundaries. Together.



Start każdej kampanii poprzedzamy ustaleniem kluczowych czynników efektywności. Opierając się na nich wdrażamy na Twoją Nową Stronę Kariery odpowiednie narzędzia analityczne i monitorujące, aby wyposażyć nas w dane, które pomogą nam podnieść efektywność kampanii i zoptymalizować Twoje wydatki.



Recruiting and building a stron Employer Brand may not be your only responsibilities. And we perfectly understand that. It, however, does not mean that these areas will become unattended. Project Manager will be there to coordinate the entire process, from the first signature made on the contract, through creating communication strategy, to the handshake at the successful finish of the project!



Websites we create have information architecture which perfectly fits the needs of your potential candidates. They are SEO-friendly and compliant with content marketing good practices, they are also equipped with analytical and monitoring tools with well-designed conversion path.



Each campaign is different, just as each target group characteristics. Share your recruitment challenge with us and let us choose the right tools that will generate desired Candidate’s actions.

the offer

Scope of service subject to the scale of planned employment and your Digital actions level

Get ready


  • Audit – defining starting point
  • Strategy – building a strategy for digital media presence of Your Brand
  • Recruitment Page – we develop a recruitment landing page for a particular campaign / we extend the existing corporate website by a sub-page ‘career’
  • Implementation of analytics – we like to have things measured – only thanks to this we are able to constantly raise the effectiveness of all actions
  • Graphics Studio – we develop creations that match the applications funnel
  • Running campaigns (Google Ads, FB, Insta, Linkedin, remarketing) – depending on the needs and goals
  • Reporting results

Get set


  • Employer Brand Audit in Digital Channels, Competitive Analysis – we detrmine the starting point based on external and internal data
  • Strategy of upgrading communication in digital media
  • Recruitment Landing Page / Conversion Optimization on the existing website – we develop the recruitment webpage for a particular campaign / we add a career tab to the existing website / optimizing conversion
  • Graphics Studio – developing creations that match the application funnel
  • Running the campaign (Google Ads, FB Ads, Insta, Linkedin, remarketing) – depending on the needs and goals
  • Media Monitoring – from now on, no mention of your company will not be missed
  • Reporting – access to live campaign results through a dedicated Dashboard



  • Project Manager coordinating the entire process – audit / strategy / choosing contractors / implementation, execution, optimization of the campaign
  • Employer Brand Audit in Digital Channels
  • Designing and implementing communication strategy in digital media
  • Optimization of User Experience === Correction of Application Process and Conversion Indicator (UX + Analytics)
  • Graphics Studio – extensive creative assistance
  • Content Creation – location/content creation: photo session, recruitment/emplyer branding videos, copywriting for ads/posts/dedicated websites
  • Running and optimization of Campaigns (Google Ads, FB Ads, Insta, Linkedin, remarketing) – depending on the needs and goals
  • Reporting – access to live campaign results through a dedicated Dashboard
  • Media Monitoring

how does it work?



How big a recruitment project should be?

Performance Marketing Recruitment Campaigns are recommended for mass recruitment projects with a volume of 50+ recruited per year. There are two reasons for this – the cost of creating the campaign and its ecosystem is equally divided + the effectiveness is substantially higher when our target group is relatively big.

How long does it take to launch a campaign?

Again, it depends. To shed a light on this matter – during one of the latest projects we have recruited 250 people within 3,5 months thanks to digital actions (from reading the brief to recruited employees appearing in the company).

Are you only focused on acquiring CVs?

We are able to set and manage the entire process – from building a strategy of acquiring CVs, through system assistance (i.e. ATS implementation), recruitment, trainings, management of recruitment teams dedicated to your project, to Gamfi implementation (which is proved to be a great tool at onboarding and training stages of new employees).

Such team can bocome a temporary support team. We are also experienced in building, developing and managing teams who, at the point where they are fully effective, are later transferred to our clients.

Is it worth trying out when recruiting a specific candidate with scarce skills?

In such cases we recommend direct search actions which can be taken by one of our specialists team at devire recruitment agency.

What’s the cost of such actions?

It is subject to several factors – the scale of recruitment, level of difficulty of reaching out to the target group, the character of materials supporting recruitment, etc. We will be happy to propose a solution for your particular recruitment challenge.

Do you only cover Performance-based campaigns?

Our main strenght are ‘sales’ campaigns where a given effect is key for your business. Nevertheless, each sales campaign should contain the stage of building awareness among the target group.

If you do not focus on acquiring particular CVs from the market at the moment, but would rather expect your Brand awareness to raise – let us know about your vision and we will be happy to put it into practise.

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Devire is not only a recruitment company anymore!
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Gamification in preselection and Employer Branding. Design an effective process in 4 steps.
By using gamification in recruitment projects we will not only enhance Employer Brand awareness or conduct an efficient pre-selection of candidates, but most of all build a proper relation within your target group.

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