Marketing RekrutacyjnyPerformance Recruitment Marketing for British American Tobacco

Recruitment of 240 employees within 4 months. All with the use of Digital.


British American Tobacco faces a challenge – within a short period of time they want to recruit a big amount of Premium Brand Ambassadors , who will become responsible for an effective launch of a revolutionary product to the Polish market. The Cross-functional team empowered by, must quickly develop a strategy that will allow for attracting high-quality talents with sales skills (B2C).


Basing on market analysis and data gathered from other markets, we quickly found out that joining the to-be-established team means a lot more than just a simple job swap. Why?

  1. someone can change one’s life by gaining full control over it (flexible working time – We set goals, you work as you feel like. you gain full control over your day and time. Therefore, you have time for other important things)
  2. someone is taking part in the change that’s just happening to the Company – innovative product/new category
  3. someone has a chance to create a smoke-free world

Main slogan for the campaign is #ZmieniamWięcej (translated: #IchangeMore)

Setting Up

  • we create personas which match (as fully as possible) our Target Group + and also match the diversed group of product end users = we know that our group is not very diverse
  • characters that represent each of the personas will be used in the entire campaign (first person communicates); through them we speak about the benefits this job offers
  • in campaign we 100% focus on using digital channels, the campaign is delivered in terms of efficiency