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Does EVP really help to manage your Employer Brand?

The IT job market, especially in larger cities, is a highly competitive place for the battle for talent. Fruit Tuesdays, sports cards or even a very attractive salary range may not guarantee that the employee receives good quality and quantity CVs from Candidates. And this was exactly the challenge we were about to face at the start of cooperation with Webinterpret.

The beginning & challenges:

Despite being prosperous on 6 different markets, the company saw only 1 in 10 people being aware of Webinterpret’s brand before starting the recruitment process. Potential Candidates did not realize the tech stack and scale of operations of the company. On the others hand, HR people responsible for Recruitment to the company were not sure whether their offer is properly tailored to contemporary requirements and expectations of the target group.

The aim of our action was to increase brand awareness and the number of quality applications (including spontaneous ones). Given the current needs of the company, we focused solely on 3 target groups: IT, Sales and Customer Care Departments.

Actions taken:

Starting from a thorough analysis of current Employer Branding state inside the company, we surveyed employees on pros and cons of working for Webinterpret as well as their motivation to do their job. Despite vast differences between particular departments, there was one thing common for all – the possibility of professional development and realizing their true potential.  Webinterpret, in fact, did offer really broad opportunities to grow, thanks to its flat structure and many available options to make a real impact on delivering solutions. Employees’ voice confirmed that this is not another company with a subordinate team that only operates within strict guidelines, without any chance to break off the habit.  It turned out rather on the contrary – each person, no matter of the work Experience, seniority level or age, is able to come up with an idea that may really become out into practise.

During the internal workshops with the project team made of EB, HR, marketing and IT specialists or managers we developed the Employer Value Proposition, which was also based on the data gathered by competition audit – we examined 3 direct competitors fighting for the same talent pool.

The new EVP: „Here, innovation starts with You” suggests Candidates that Webinterpret is a place where you can discover your ‘superpowers’. This claim became a starting point for creating content of the Career tab ( and shaped the scenario of Employer Branding Video, which literally walks the viewer around the company’s open space. In the office, the main character in the video meets various representatives of particular departments and hears out their work-related stories.

Due to rather contrary target groups and inspired by the popular series „Black Mirror” we decided to split the video message and let the viewer decide which path one wants to go (depending on the depertment of interest). Actually, you can see for yourself:

To this day, Webinterpret still uses the new communication strategy, elements of copy and key visuals to create their social media messages:

Here Innovation Starts with You

„Best things are created when work becomes pleasure.
With Devire Digital it was possible. Together, we created the Employer Branding strategy and EB video for Webinterpret. Devire Digital is a team of talented, open-minded professionals with endless number of new ideas.”

Karolina Chabraszewska

Employer Branding & Internal Communication